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On the Road Salvage is as the name suggests, ‘On the Road’. If you would like to “junk my car” or “sell my car,” we would like to make a cash offer to you to buy it now. Please call us for an immediate offer on your junk car or truck in the Austin area or submit the form below. Don’t worry if your car classifies as a junk car or not. We buy cars in all conditions.

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Send us a picture or pictures of the vehicle. The better we understand the condition of the vehicle, the more accurate our offer price will be.

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Understand the process to sell my car

Selling your car to an auto buyer in Austin is not as straight forward as you would imagine. There are companies that do specialize in purchasing cars, but most of them will not pay you cash. These companies will also require that you take your car to them. Therefore, selling your car turns out to not be straight forward at all. This is where On the Road Salvage comes into play.

What you need to know

To sell your car to an auto buyer you need to know what the make, model and year the car is. Hence, you only need to know basic information about the vehicle. When you call us to sell your car, we’ll ask you a few questions to determine the overall quality of the vehicle. Also, you can use the online form above to submit a request for an all cash offer.


If you intend to sell your car to an auto salvage buyer, it is important to understand what your alternatives are. Disposing of a vehicle is not as easy as disposing of the engine oil that is in it. Disposing of engine oil is not an easy process either if you follow EPA guidelines. So if you do not sell your car with our auto salvage company, what can you do? You could list your vehicle on Craigslist or Facebook. After all, those social media sites have massive followings. The issue with listing on sales sites like that, are that you will inevitably have to show the car to multiple people. Then, what do you do if the car isn’t running?

Flatbed tow trucks

So, if that car isn’t running, our auto salvage company is here to help. We operate only flatbed tow trucks capable of loading cars and trucks that are both running or not. Therefore, if you have a vehicle with wheels and tires on it, we can come pick it up for free.