On the Road Salvage, a Top Dollar Auto Buyer

On the Road Salvage strives to be the top auto buyer in the local Austin area. Auto buyers are essential to removing junk or wrecked autos from all around Austin and On the Road Salvage will pay the most for your car. There are a couple of factors that will determine who you sell your junk or wrecked auto to. The first, is the amount of cash offered and the type of payment. We will do our best to offer you the maximum amount for your car. Then, we’ll pay you on the spot, in cash. We try to be as efficient as possible when buying cars, so we pay cash and will tow your car away as quickly as possible, for free! The second factor, is how quickly you can be paid and how the car will be removed. On the Road Salvage attempts to be the fastest auto buyer in Austin. We can typically pay you for your car and remove it within 24 hours.
On the Road Salvage operates a flat bad tow truck for towing your junk car. This style of tow truck also adds to our efficiency as an auto buyer. We can buy and tow junk cars in just about any condition. Non-driving wrecked cars are no problem for us. Flat tires? Also not a problem. Is your car missing the engine? We’ll pay you cash and tow it from anywhere in Austin. We specialize in hauling multiple automobiles from sellers. We’re a professional auto buyer and will give you direct, quick service.

You can stop looking for auto buyers in Austin, you’ve found the right one!

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