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On the Road Salvage is a locally owned and operated company here in Austin, TX. We've been buying junk cars for cash in Austin, TX for over two decades. We're experienced and keep up to date with prices on salvaged autos. We'll do our best to give you top dollar for your junk or wrecked car in the Austin area.

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Give us a call at 512-222-9901 and we'll give you a cash estimate for your junk car or truck immediately. As an auto buyer in Austin, we're eager to have your business. If you choose to sell us your junk or wrecked car, we'll setup a time for a prompt pickup. This can usually be done on the same day or next day. If you need cash quickly and have a junk car that you'd like to sell to an auto salvage company, you've found the right one!

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Most junk or wrecked cars we buy are not in driving condition, which is why they end up at an auto salvage company. We'll include a free tow with any car we buy in the local Austin, TX area. If you've got a junk car sitting around that you no longer want or need and would like to sell it for cash, give us a call at 512-222-9901

Finding the right auto salvage business in Austin, TX

If you've found our site, then you've done something right! There is certainly many auto salvage companies in the local Austin area. Many of these companies operate junk yards where they will sell the parts from junk cars. We do not operate a junk yard, nor do we sell parts. Our business is simple, we buy junk cars for salvage. Since our business is so focused, we are able to offer you the maximum amount of cash for your junk or wrecked car. Selling junk cars became really popular when the government instituted their 'cash for clunkers' program. Naturally, this hurt the auto salvage business since citizens would trade their junk cars in at the dealership rather than sell them outright. Now that the 'cash for clunkers' program has ended, reaching out to an auto salvage business is the best way to get cash for your junk car.

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If you're searching for auto salvage companies in Austin, TX, then you've certainly found many results. Many of the auto salvage companies you find are not local to the Austin area and will not be able to compete with our prices, nor respond as quickly as us. We'll speak to you in depth about your vehicle, what mechanical or physical problems exist and then give you an offer that is adequate for the situation. Sometimes a junk car can be worth much more than you expect given a variety of factors. If you call us for an estimate and then call other junk car buying companies, you'll find our estimate was as good as any.

Auto Salvage and Auto Recycling in Austin

When selling your junk car to an auto salvage company the end result is often auto recycling. Depending on the condition of your junk or wrecked car, it will be recycled in many different ways. The type of recycling that is conducted largely depends on the auto salvage company you are working with. With On the Road Salvage this is either parting the vehicle out for reuse or reducing the car to pure scrap metal for recycling. Thus, by working with On the Road Salvage you'll not only get cash for your clunker, you'll also engage in some large scale recycling efforts. The parts from your junk car or truck could be reused in someone elses vehicle or the the recycled scrap metal could be used in a variety of new products.